Artifact Uprising Baby Book

One day while completing one of my favorite daily tasks, browsing Pinterest, I came across an ad for a baby book via Artifact Uprising. Usually, ads don’t intrigue me, but I’m actually a customer and fan of Artifact Uprising. They are a modern, high-quality brand that specializes in custom photo and print materials. With my father being a photography hobbyist, one of my favorite things looking back on my childhood is how well documented it is. Artifact Uprising taps into my love of print, and belief that we should still print photos often! Imagine your child’s first moments getting erased from your iPhone, never to be seen again.


Artifact Uprising Baby Book | The Story of You

Artifact Uprising Baby Book Cover


Artifact Uprising Baby Book


Here’s a blurb from their site about the book and its features:

An interactive photo journal for baby’s first year and beyond, the Story of You encourages parents to create new and meaningful habits as they document their child’s life. Register your book for photo tips, ideas for making the most of your book, and a complimentary set of Everyday Prints to get you started. Each book purchase includes our recommended pen as well as adhesive for securing your prints.

I love how modern, yet classic this baby book is. It comes in four colorways: Grey / Gold, Pink / Copper, Green / Gold, Blue / Copper. These colorways make them amazing gifts for either boy, girl, or even gender neutral! The front cover of the book that states “Here Begins The Story Of You” gets me every time!

What do you think about baby books and preserving memories?

-xoxo, Lindsey | Little Residents

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