Baby Safe Paint for Your Nursery

Whether it’s painting¬†an accent wall or sprucing up an old dresser, paint choice is important for your baby nursery. And since paint can emit gases even after they’ve dried, sourcing baby safe paint is key! As nursery interior designers, we love that so many brands have made safer paints available in mostly all colors in their catalog. This helps with being safe while also not limiting ourselves and our imaginations!
Baby Safe Paint for Your Nursery | Zero-VOC Paints | by Little Residents

What is Baby Safe Paint?

For your baby nursery, the safest paints are those that are low in volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These are great for your family’s health and the overall air quality in your home. Some paints are classified as “Low-VOC”, but for baby nurseries, we like to take it a step closer to the best and choose “Zero-VOC” paints! If you’re into numbers, low-VOC paints have less than 50 g/L while zero-VOC paints have less than 5 g/L of these compounds.

Great Brands for Zero VOC Paints


ECOS has crafted this paint that is not only zero-VOC and baby safe, but also is super durable for the wall cleaning (bye bye scuffs and crayon marks) that nurseries and kids rooms often endure over the years!

With this major brand comes major color options and make it easy not to have to compromise selections for safety!

The ability to better the air quality in your home is always a plus, in addition to this retailer often offering sales and discounts.

Although colors are limited, this unique and classic paint mix works beautifully for furniture finishes.

Aside from a great color selection for this baby safe paint, we also love the finish options that this line provides!

A majority of these paints can be found in your local Home Depot or Lowes, while others can be ordered online as well! What are some great zero-VOC, baby safe paint selections you’ve tried?


Need additional help with baby safe paint selections? Feel free to check out our nursery interior design and consultation services!

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