Artisan Baby: Design Dua Bassinet

I recall first coming across one of Design Dua’s bassinets from their Signature Collection on Instagram and it was love at first sight. After diving a little deeper into the brand, I learned even more about how this company goes above and beyond to craft these amazing artisan made baskets. Created in Ghana, their process ensures quality that will last, with safety in mind.
If you’re not exactly sure what a bassinet is, don’t worry. I get questions about them a lot, so before diving into some of our faves by Design Dua, I figured I’d shed a little more light on this!

What Is A Bassinet?

A bassinet is a somewhat optional item that some parents choose to use before they make a crib purchase. They are much smaller in size than a crib, and can be appealing for smaller spaces. Bassinets are lightweight, which makes them easily portable whether yore settling in for nighttime sleep or lounging in the living room for a nap. They also have low sides, making it easier to place a baby in than most cribs.
However, a bassinet is meant to be a short-term sleeping arrangement for ages newborn to around four months. It’s a cozy solution that doesn’t seem as overwhelming as a tiny baby in a big crib. This can be a safer alternative in the early months, preventing SIDS. After this timeframe, it’s time to decide on an amazing crib (preferably one that will convert and grow with your baby)!

Design Dua Bassinets


Design Dua Bassinets

Although Design Dua has expanded it’s offerings, here are some of our baby-related faves:

Signature Bilia Bassinet – Natural – $155

Nap & Pack Basket – Pink Mole – $155

Vintage Wicker Bassinet – $325

I love that Design Dua’s signature “Moses Basket” style bassinets can double as storage baskets in your home once baby has grown up. If you’d like them to be up high and rock like the beautiful vintage wicker bassinet, you can also look into one of their basket stands.
Not only are their items beautiful, but Design Dua partners with local artisans in Ghana to expand the weaving industry — while also adding techniques such as steam cleaning and preservation to ensure long-lasting quality! These bassinets are the perfect addition to any modern bohemian nursery!

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– Lindsey of Little Residents



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  • Hi Lindsey,

    Lovely post! I have one of these bassinets. I’m just curious – what is being used as the mattress in the above pictures? Mine doesn’t look like that. Thanks!!