What Is E-Design?

E-design, or virtual interior design, is a service that allows for an interior designer to create your space, no matter where you’re located! It allows for the same design and product selections, and is usually a more affordable option, since it’s a little more hands on for the home owner. Here at Little Residents, with the help of room photos, measurements, and chosen inspiration from you – we are able to help craft your dream space!

What’s So Great About E-Design?

One thing we love about e-design is the flexibility in comparison to traditional full-service interior design. Not only is it flexible in location, but also allows for you to complete the purchase process at your own pace! With e-design, you are provided with a shopping list for all of your items (we like to include some alternates as well, in case things get sold out) and you have the freedom to order when you want. This can be super helpful in building things bit by bit and having deliveries work with your schedule, as a big “install day” can be stressful for some. When do we not recommend e-design? For any projects that may include major renovations or remodels.


Here’s are some common included deliverables from our e-design service.


Example Room Board via E-Design Service

Southwestern Nursery Style Board | E-Design


Example Color Palette via E-Design Service

Southwestern Spring Color Palette Board | E-Design | Little Residents


For colors, we provide this board that includes the hex code color for online matching or creating matching prints. We also love to include a specific paint color shopping list. This list provides a paint color match for each main color, as well as accent color suggestions. Outside of wall color, this is handy for whenever you may want to add a small hand-painted item or furniture to the nursery!


Example Space Plan via E-Design Service



When it comes to e-design, a space planning example can be super helpful once you receive your items! It provides a layout of where we recommend each of your core pieces going. This is where your room photos and measurements come into play. We often include styling notes for smaller items and accessories as well!

Why Your E-Design Should Come From An Individual Designer / Studio vs A Mass Company

Outside of individual interior designers and design studios, there are now also online companies that exclusively offer e-design and employ designers from across the world! However, upon considering these sites as an extension to our own business, we’ve spoken to multiple designers who’ve worked with both, and got the inside scoop on the negatives on these companies. The first negative is limited item selection. Behind the scenes, these companies thrive on working with a special collection of brands, and designers have quotas of items that have to be included (if not exclusively) from these brands per design. While all interior designers may have preferred brands, it doesn’t feel great to unknowingly limit clients to these.

The second negative is low-pay to interior designers. At starting costs as low as around $49 or $79 dollars that include designs and sometimes unlimited revisions, you could imagine how little a designer is making from each e-design. For this reason, the designers on these sites are usually beginners or those who lack regular clients. But what about those that claim they have high-level professionals? Those pros use their face, but are commonly handing over this type of work to junior designers and interns behind the scenes. A quick Google search of “low pay + company name” will reveal the unfortunate truth about most of these companies.

If you’re big fans of shopping small and supporting small businesses like we are, then do your best to source an independent designer or studio, whether near or far!


What Is Boxed Design?

For us, boxed design is a service that mixes the e-design process with the full-service interior design process. This is our recommended option for those who will be taking their spaces a step further than standard decor. Boxed design options often include physical boards and sample materials, such as for custom rugs / carpets, fixtures, wallpapers, etc. These things are the same as what an interior designer would present to you in-person! You then also receive elements of the design and shopping lists sent online as well.



Think online interior design is a good option for your project? Check out our e-design services!

-Lindsey of Little Residents



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